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  • Facilities

    We are located in Paterna (Valencia), in Polígono Industrial Fuente del Jarro. We employee more than 30 workers: operators, engineers, designers, technicians and administrative assistants. The aim of our working team is the nonstop development of cutting-edge products.

Our Production Levels

  • Steam Boilers
    Recovery Boilers
    Hot/Superheated Water Boilers
  • Economizers
    Other Equipments

Company History

1935 - Company Establishment
  • Establishment

    In 1935 Calderería López Hermanos S. A. started working in Valencia as a boilers repair and maintenance workshop. Since our early days we have worked in different sectors of this industry and have specialised in steam boilers, developing a range of models featuring our own technology and patents and constantly improving the performance and quality of our products.

1947 - Manufacture of our first steam boilers
  • Manufacture of our first steam boilers

    In 1947 our workshops began to make steam generators, which were mainly solid-fuel and vertical, although we also produced horizontal boilers built and installed on-site in customers’ factories. In 1956 we began to manufacture automatic boilers with liquid-fuel burners which greatly simplified the operators’ tasks.

1965 - New workshops opening in Valencia
  • New workshops opening in Valencia

    Increased production made it necessary to relocate our workshops. Our new facilities on Calle Río Escalona were far larger and enabled us to build much bigger boilers. To give customers the best possible service, we expanded our production departments and opened an electrical maintenance department and a combustion machinery department and we began to build stainless-steel equipment.

1972 - First Certification
  • First Certification

    In 1972 our GVL-H boilers were certified for the first time.

1988 - UNE Standards Compliance
  • UNE Standards Compliance

    In 1988 the whole boliers series were adapted to comply with UNE regulations, already applying a gas-fuelled boiler design.

1999 - Company Expansion and Relocation
  • Company Expansion and Relocation

    Our company’s growth in both the Spanish and international markets made it necessary to relocate yet again, this time to Fuente del Jarro, an industrial estate in Paterna, five kms from Valencia and our final location. Our current 5,000 sqm indoor plant 16m high, has all the manufacturing facilities needed to produce very large water tube and fire tube boilers, enabling us to cater for all our customers’ requirements and making us Spain number 1 boiler manufacturer.

2002 - European Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Implemetation of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (“PED” 97/23/EC)

    In 2002 Calderería López Hermanos redesigned all the equipments in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive (“PED” 97/23/EC), receiving since then the EC seal of approval.

Company Directors

  • jelm

    José Emilio López Martínez

    — Manager

    In charge of Calderería López Hermanos Management and the Accounts Department

  • jelm

    Vicente López Martínez

    — Production Department

    In charge of the Department of Production and Quality Engineering since 1995.

  • jelm

    Kuni López Noguera

    — CSP

    In charge of the Customers Service Depatment and the Sales and Providers Management Services.

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