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    The CBC Instanvap is a horizontal, three-pass, fire tube steam generator with a central, interior furnace that ensures maximum heating capacity.

    Combustion occurs and is completed in the furnace which is completely surrounded and cooled by water. The exhaust fumes travel back through the furnace itself before entering the bundle of tubes to make maximum use of the heat and finally being vented into the atmosphere via the smokestack.

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Technical Details

This reverse flame boiler has a wet chamber completely surrounded and cooled by boiler water. Fire-proof materials are not required on the back, resulting in higher performance and lower costs and maintenance.

The boiler has a manhole at the top and inspection hatches on the front and back to enable the inspections and cleaning tasks necessary to keep the inside of the boiler in good condition.

At the front of the boiler there is a hatch for access to the furnace gas tubes, fastened by screws designed not to seize up due to the temperature. Once the hatch is removed, it is held in place by swivel hinges. This makes inspections and any necessary cleaning quick and easy.

The CBC Instanvap is a robust, compact steam generator supplied as a single package mounted on a solid bedplate for fast assembly and start-up.

To start the boiler, simply connect the water, steam and fuel tubes and cable the control panel.

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