Pressure Condenser Systems

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  • Description

    The pressure condenser systems are a group of elements that increase the performance of steam generators by reducing fuel expenditure and improving the quality of water by treating it inside the system’s own circuit. The direct outcome is an increase in the machine’s useful life.

    They differ from atmospheric condensate storage tanks which lose considerable amounts of water and energy when condensate enters the tanks at temperatures above 100ºC due to evaporation. Since the new system is pressurised, virtually all the condensate is re-used, thereby minimising water and energy losses.

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Our Solution

In comparison with an atmospheric system using boiler feed water at 80ºC, the fuel saving obtained by a pressure condenser system when the temperature is increased would be:

Temperature Reached Fuel Saving
120 ºC 6.8%
130 ºC 8.5%
140 ºC 10.2%